Friday, June 1, 2012

Shanghai Part 4: The Final Chapter

Thankfully, our flight home wasn't scheduled until later that evening, so we had time for a little more exploring. I desperately wanted to visit another temple, so I was very happy we got a chance to stop by this one.

Apparently, you're supposed to throw coins into the top tiers. Because I suck at sports, it was a true victory to get a couple in.
This statue is HUGE! I had to crane in order to get a proper pic.

Before going to China was even an option, I happened to read a book about Chinese luck symbols. Due to a pun on certain words (which you can read about here), bats are considered very lucky! Therefore, it was a secret joy to see them carved all over the pillars. 
 A little funny to think that this beautiful golden temple is in the middle of a busy city!
 After the temple, we went to the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center...or the "Bottle Opener" as the librarians called it. It's the fourth tallest building in the world!

 It was really creepy being so high up! 

 There were these clear openings in the floor where you could see all the way to the ground floor. It was really nerve wracking! I tip toed around like a duck, afraid that I would somehow fall through!

...And that was our trip! 12 and a half hours, 3 reality shows, and 4 Muppet Movies later, we were back home in the states. It's hard to believe the trip even happened. Such a spectacular adventures, how could I ever forget it!?
Thanks for putting up with all my picture spam. More illustrations coming soon!

Until Next Time!

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