Friday, May 25, 2012


These past few weeks have been an absolute whirl wind! It's almost fitting that I'm able to share the most exciting bits in my 100th post!

For the past eight months, I had the pleasure of working with Kazu Kibuishi and Jason Caffoe at Bolt City Productions on the award winning Amulet series. The entire crew totally took me under their wing when I was dropped off at their doorstep last summer, and it was such a blast coloring pages for the upcoming Amulet 6: Prince of the Elves. (Look for it this fall!) Everyone there taught me so much, it was truly a great experience. Now, imagine my surprise when Kazu threw a trip to China into the mix.

I secretly hoped that Tyra Banks would suddenly show up screaming "You're all going to Shanghai!!!"... and we'd all have an impromptu celebration with glitter and tons of confetti.

After the party, me and the other "models" boarded our flight, and 13 hours later...found ourselves in China!!

We stayed in Shanghai for two weeks, visiting several international schools and giving lectures about Amulet, the comic making process, and digital painting.

This was one of the hotels we stayed at. It was soo fancy! I especially love the spiraling chandelier! * A *

 Complete with a loot bag, courtesy of Dulwich College!

This is just one of the many international schools that we visited. I wish I took more pictures of the other beautiful! Because most of them follow a European school format, each of the schools had their own houses and even a Head Boy/Girl. Not going to lie, many Harry Potter references were made. Shamelessly!

Here's a shot of one of the libraries. I fell in love with the murals on the walls!

The students were absolutely adorable! A lot of them would follow Kazu and Jason around giggling, too shy to ask for an autograph. (Though others had no problem asking at all!) Here, we were visiting an art class. A lot of the schools had some kind of art showcase going on. So many talented students!
Crossing the street in Shanghai is an Olympic event. The crosswalk signs are more of a suggestion, rather than a right of way. The guys and I opted to shuffle awkwardly behind some locals for a little insurance. (Though I still had a few close calls!)
Actually, my first near death experience happened on the way to KFC! ...Was it worth it?

 ......Perhaps not.

To think we could have ordered it to go! Too bad none of us know any Mandarin.

 The workers here were really adorable. When the cashiers saw us approach, there was a mad shuffle for whoever spoke the most English. Luckily, through a combination of picture pointing and haphazard gestures, we were able to order our food. Why can't everyone just learn sign language? Isn't that universal? XD

Running around from classroom to classroom left little downtime for sketching, but I managed to doodle up a few kids. I wish my middle school uniform looked as cute!

...Does Johnny ROCKETS know about this??? XD

Anyway, that's enough for now! Part 2 will be coming up soon!

By the way...
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    Congrats! That sounds like such an awesome trip!!!

  2. Ha ha ha! Thank you! Wait till you see Part 2! XD