Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shanghai Part 3: Fighting Crickets in the Casino!

Part 3!!! The adventures just keep on coming!
After checking out the Yu Yuan gardens, we took the subway to Nanjing road.

 It's like a casino at night! We went to a lot of really cute clothing stores too. As the resident shopaholic, I felt it was absolutely necessary...to window shop.

 The next day, one of the librarians was kind enough to tour us around to some local street markets! I had had a bad experience with haggling a few years back, so I was a little nervous to try...but the vendors were incredibly nice! They made bargaining so much fun! I was able to get a lot of really nice gifts for my family.
 One of the coolest places we went to were the fighting cricket markets! All sorts of animals and nick nackery were sold here!

 There were cases upon cases filled with live crickets! You can either buy them as adults or raise the babies for fighting. I so desperately wanted to see a cricket battle!

This little guy reminded me of a mandrake. I should have taken him home in case anyone got petrified. 

 The marketplace was so huge and crammed full of the most amazing things. Definitely one of my favorite parts of Shanghai!

A toy shop we found along the street markets.

 After the hustle and bustle of the cricket market, we stopped by a park for a bit to relax. Cappuccinos and chocolate croissants make the perfect afternoon snack! It felt so classy... and adult. * A *

 Then we ran into some transformers in the middle of the city!!


 I thought this guy in the bandana was too cool. He looked like he belonged in some epic rock band or something....riding a motorcycle of fire. O m O

Our amazing weekend came to an end, and it was back to lecturing at some AWESOME international schools! The libraries were always my favorite. I couldn't get over these cool plastic jellyfish...a few friends of mine back home where making these as a prank for their internship. (Don't ask...it's an even longer story.)

That's it for now! Please enjoy this Sprite ad featuring Kobe Bryant.

Coming up next...Shanghai Part 4: THE FINAL INSTALLMENT.

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  1. I love this space ship drawing!!!! so awesome!!!!!!!!!!