Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Sketches

Messing around on my old tablet while watching a Nutcracker ballet marathon...XD

Monday, December 12, 2011

What If Chivalry Was Dead?

My piece for the What If show at Gallery Nucleus!

I think I'd like to do more pieces with the chivalrous skeleton and his lady. It'll be interesting to explore all of the adorably macabre dates they would go on together. Perhaps a picnic in a graveyard? Or would they be more apt to play hide and seek amongst the fossils at a local museum? <3

Saturday, December 3, 2011

That's Just....Nasty!

...Was a reaction (and direct quote) from a portfolio review at CTN.

Can I just state the obvious? Portfolio reviews are stressful! I actually spent the first two days avoiding recruiting tables because I was so nervous! BUT (As some of my friends pointed out.) One of the great things about these types of conventions is that you get the opportunity to get feedback from different companies and artists you admire. In person. So it was high time to buck up and get some reviews. And boy did I get it!

Let the record show, that I took my little booklet to anyone patient enough to take a look. Big companies, smaller companies, independent and professional artists. I even went to a few interviews with this line up. The following is pretty much how the reviews went down:

Things started out normal enough. People would flip through several pages of broken dolls, walking libraries, and all sorts of girlish whimsy while I hovered nearby, trying not to hyperventilate. The reviewer would comment on something every now and then, pointing out what they liked or disliked and I would make frantic mental notes of all of it. Then, at long last, they would get to the Nightmare Parade. Suddenly, there were pages upon pages of goblins and ghouls cackling up at them... and one particular page dedicated to a boy with a freakishly disfigured face. (You know the one.)

They'd stop for a moment and look at the page.

Then up at me.

Then back at the page.

Then back at me.

All this time, I'm standing there with the goofiest grin on my face, staring straight into their horrified ones...and all I can think to do is giggle and shrug my shoulders in a "I don't know where it comes from!" type fashion.

A moment of silence passes between us that feels like hours.

"Well,you certainly have an active...imagination..."

*More awkward giggling*


I can honestly say, those were the best reviews I've ever had. Not only did I get a great story out of it, but I got some really helpful feedback as well. I'm completely inspired! Who knew that creeping recruiters out with creepy drawings could leave a person with a false sense of power and a sudden urge to indulge in a lifelong dream of super villainy?