Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Extended Christmas

As long as the tree and decorations are up in my's still Christmas! So have a Merry Extended Holiday everyone! I'll be at starbucks sipping overpriced gingerbread lattes. XD


  1. Chrystin, I am really loving these traditional media pieces you've been doing! Unless they're digital and you're just that good (also possible!).

    Don't feel bad about still celebrating the holidays! The Twelve Days of Christmas go from the 25th to Jan. 6th (it may be called Three Wise Men Day) XD

  2. nice drawing chrystin I like the colored pencil...made me pull out my colored pencils too :)

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Tim...they are done with watercolor pencils with some tweaking in photoshop because my camera sucks. DX Is January 6th the day that the wise men actually GOT to Bethlehem? I thought it was over two years later, ha ha ha! XD

  4. I'm not sure, I stopped learning about Christianity a while ago. XD

    To the Wikipedia!

  5. 1) Chrystin, this is jaw-dropping. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    2) Yes, I think it did take the wise-men several years to reach Bethlehem.

    3) Christ wasn't actually born anywhere near December 25th. Hundreds of years ago, Christians aligned their Christmas celebrations with the Roman celebration of saturnalia (winter solstice) to keep themselves from being discovered and killed by the romans.

    Merry Belated Christmas to you too Chrystin!

  6. Chrystin, your drawings are way too beautiful. Seriously. I want that reindeer!