Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can I be a nerd for a second?

Yet another submission for last week's Sketchaholic contest. The theme was to take your favorite anime and draw it in your own style. So of course I did Sailor Moon! I hadn't drawn this girl in ages...and honestly, I think I had a little too much fun coloring the piece. Because this piece would inevitably start my downward spiral into elementary school nostalgia.

Case in point. I went digging through my closest the other day and found my entire Sailor Moon card collection! While other kids were saving up their nickels and dimes for Pokemon cards, I was busy robbing banks and bullying kids in the school yard in order to get my hands on as many of these holographic goodies as possible.

This particular card deck was my favorite! It was $14.00 and it took me about a month to come up with the money. Only trouble was, they had sold the deck by the time I got back to the comic book shop! I was devestated. I think I cried all the way home in the car. Little did I know, that later in the year, the deck would find it's way into my Christmas Stocking.

Ahhh...the miracles of child hood. XD

On a completely different note, SIGGRAPH was absolutely amazing!! Every day was like a new adventure. There were lots of really great lectures and the exhibition hall was wonderful! I really learned a lot about networking and just being more forward and self confident. Now I have a lot of new friends, and seeing all of my old SCAD buddies again was awesome.

We spent most of the time at the Disney booth, where we got to talk to and hear lectures from Bruce Smith, Brittney Lee, and of course, Glenn Keane! (Who was nice enough to stay behind and sign everyone's Tangled poster!)

Speaking of Tangled, I am super hyped for this movie! All of the production work for the film looked absolutely beautiful. Of course, I couldn't take any pictures, (Or risk being tackled by ten foot tall gorillas in penguin suits.) but trust's going to be awesome! I'm super inspired now!


Did I mention, I now know how to navigate the Metro?! And...AND I rode on a bus! BY MYSELF!!(and occasionally with Zane and Tom...) It was pretty amazing. I would show you guys pictures of all of our awesome adventures, but...

I forgot my camera. DX

You'll just have to take my word for it...SIGGRAPH was a blast!


  1. D: SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! you got to hear Glen Keane lecture!!!! I wanna cry.

    on another note, Pokemon cards are the bomb. I don't know what craziness was in your head, collecting sailor moon cards. Pokemon and Moebius are the best ones! :D

  2. Sailor Moon brings me back. You don't mind if I put it up as my desktop wallpaper, do you?

    And, as usual, SO JEALOUS about SIGGRAPH!

  3. NERD!!!!!!

    hahaha great picture Chrystin!

  4. That's fine by me, Robin!! And Tom...>.<!!!