Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drowned in Greed

"Look what just washed up on Wall Street..."

My second submission for the Sketchoholic contest! The theme was "Wall Street Cyclops" and for some reason, I kept imagining the cyclops as this kind of beached whale-type creature, made of dollar bills and choking on oil. (This is about the time when everyone begins to look at me strangely and I grow self conscious and thus...quickly change topics.)

Our host, Bobby Chiu, interviewed Pixar Artist, Nate Wragg, this week! He talked about his exciting work on Toy Story 3 and touched on the values of blogging and networking! It was such a great interview and this time around, there were even more awesome submissions! 61 to be exact! You should really check it out because they are all super amazing. I'm really loving these challenges. Because they really...CHALLENGE...for lack of a better phrase. XD

In other news...

I'm seriously considering starting an animation vlog. Possibly starting a project...a SMALL project and just documenting the epic journey. What do you think?


  1. You are awesome, this piece is awesome, your style is awesome, and an animation bog by you would be awesome! :D
    Go for it!

    Cheers from Lisbon (Portugal)

  2. ooOooo I like it! I kind of want to get in on this sketchaholic thing - it looks like fun.

    I think doing a vlog following your workflow is an awesome idea. Go for it!

  3. it'll be interesting to look back on in the future, when you've figured out a lot more about how to make animated films!

    oh, did I say interesting? I meant "amusing" or "maddening". :D DO IIIIIT!!!!

  4. Bwa ha ha! Lauren! "Maddening" is my middle name!!

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! The vlogging frontier awaits! XD

  5. Such awesome mark making skills :3