Thursday, June 24, 2010

Color Test!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good summer so far! I just have a quick question for everyone:


Earlier this week, I came into the possesion of a cintiq, and although I love my new Wacom to pieces, I have no idea how the color is translating onto different screens! So how do these colors look to you? On my cintiq screen, [A] looks super duper bright, [B] is slightly dulled down, while [C] has only the red popping out. However, on my regular laptop, all three images are very chalky and pale. There's also the fact that I can see details on my laptop screen that I couldn't see on the cintiq. (Even though I'm viewing both images at the same size and resolution.)

I know colors vary from computer to computer, but if anyone has any suggestions about how to go about properly adjusting screen settings on your computer, that would be wonderful! I'd hate to try printing images out one day or something, only to find out that I've been coloring under some very awkward screen preference all along! DX

Thanks so much space fans! Hope you're all enjoying your summer!


  1. [a] is brighter than the others, but quite clear, with a warmer yellow tone. [b] has high exposure, like a milky fog over it. [c] is about as clear as [a], but with a very cool/dark tone. [a] looks the nicest.
    I'm not sure how to help you though, yuki! Is your laptop new? The only setting for monitor I know is brightness; maybe if there was a way to set your monitor to a default setting or something...hmm

  2. Well, looking at it on my color-calibrated CRT at work here -

    A. is the brightest, luminance wise, as the most saturated; especially in the yellows and reds. (I like this one best visually)
    B. is slightly duller in brightness, and slightly less saturated overall
    C. Is the darkest wih far less saturation with the red accented, like you said.

    The difference in your laptop screen could be a number of things. It could be the quality of the laptop screen. Or the color profile its using, It could also partially be the difference in the coating on the different screens that makes the difference.

    If you're planning to do a lot of printing - it might not be a bad idea to invest in a good color-calibratable CRT and a spider calibrating tool. But if you're not, your cintique screen is probably reasonably color accurate - you might just double-check things on there before you print anything off.

  3. A- has the most contrast and brightest colors
    B- colors are a little less saturated and more milky
    C-least saturated and darker darks. there's barely any yellow in the green like the other backgrounds

    that's what they look like from a year old macbook pro. :)

    and i agree with the person above. whenever i had digital photography classes, we made sure to color calibrate the computer monitors, since we printed every photograph for judging.

  4. Thanks guys! All of your comments were very helpful! XD