Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lipshtik and Glasses

I had a vision...of girls in sunglasses wearing awesome make up and fighting crime. So I had to do some quick sketches. The sexy Charlies Angels outfits will come later. Maybe.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Color Test!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good summer so far! I just have a quick question for everyone:


Earlier this week, I came into the possesion of a cintiq, and although I love my new Wacom to pieces, I have no idea how the color is translating onto different screens! So how do these colors look to you? On my cintiq screen, [A] looks super duper bright, [B] is slightly dulled down, while [C] has only the red popping out. However, on my regular laptop, all three images are very chalky and pale. There's also the fact that I can see details on my laptop screen that I couldn't see on the cintiq. (Even though I'm viewing both images at the same size and resolution.)

I know colors vary from computer to computer, but if anyone has any suggestions about how to go about properly adjusting screen settings on your computer, that would be wonderful! I'd hate to try printing images out one day or something, only to find out that I've been coloring under some very awkward screen preference all along! DX

Thanks so much space fans! Hope you're all enjoying your summer!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Missing You

Time to break in this new blog with a brand, spanking new post! School is finished, senior film is complete, and it is SUMMER TIME!! Let's hit the beach, gather sea shells, and tell ghost stories by the light tower! Let's buy an ice cream and swing together on wooden swing sets. Don't you dare forget to take pictures, though! I want to remember this summer forever.


That's what I would say if my SCAD buddies were in town. T___T