Monday, May 24, 2010

Winding Down...but not quite

Hey guys!

We are now entering the last stretch of the quarter! I'm very excited, the senior showcase is this thursday, and I think it is going to be a really great show! Everyone has worked so hard on all of their projects...I just know it's going to be awesome!

Just a few more days until graduation! I've got Vitamin C on about you?


  1. I did well in all my classes, which had me super excited because I worked so hard. Also, I got a job for the Summer. :D Yay!
    Congrats on finishing your project. And especially on graduating. I can't wait to see you and see your project. Take it easy Yuki, only a little bit left. <3

  2. awesome illustration. I love the fingers!

  3. Aw I love it! Is the blue lipstick inspired from that Doe Deere woman?

  4. Thanks Lane! I've liked the idea of blue lipstick on characters since highschool! Nonetheless, it makes me so happy that Doe Deere is breaking boundaries with her brighter than ever Lime Crime line! Her whole outlook on life is just inspiring. XD