Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nightmare Parade

"All good children should be in bed,
lest the Nightmare King should steal your head."

Just a sketch I did during class today. This is the first time in a long while that I've been inspired for a story, so I'm really excited! Hopefully, I'll be able to develop it more in the future. Maybe during spring break? All I'll say for now is...I've found a perfect place for the little pumpkin girl I drew a while back. XD

So tell me, space fans, what would you see during a nightmare parade? What different kinds of ghosts and goblins would be frolicking in the streets of your home town? Better yet, would you be brave enough to join in the fun?

Let me know!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hand Tree from Lady Garland on Vimeo.

After much pain and frustration, I was finally able to upload my 2D Production video on vimeo. The timing still seems off for some reason? I don't know, maybe it's my sad sad computer. Either way, I hope you all enjoy! (Even though I believe most of you have seen this already...ha ha!)

Edit: So I uploaded the video again, via youtube...and it seems to have kept more of my frames. Has anyone else had this problem while uploading? Can you even tell the difference between the two? Am I just crazy!?

...Some things you just shouldn't stare at for a long time.

More updates to come in the future! I just really wanted to post this before something corrupted again.

And here's a cheesy video for all of you V-day lovers/haters out there! See you later space fans!