Friday, October 23, 2009

Much Love

...For my best friend and familia. I was feeling pretty down and stressed out and they both (simultaneously) broke me out of it. The cure? Just a spoonful of motherliness and some wise words from my child hood hero.

Yeah, I'm a nerd. XD

After the heart to heart, I managed to get a little work done for my film...then my mind began to wander back into the realm of Halloween goodness, and I somehow managed to come up with this:

It's strange what just happens to pop up while you're sketching. I love my little pumpkin princess. I even made up a little Halloweeny story about her wanting to be turned into a real human girl.'s Pinocchio in a pumpkin patch?

I think we've got something here.

SO...I made a friend for my pumpkin girl. I haven't decided if I wanted to make him a cat with a hundred arms...or a cursed boy who just wants to be turned back into a cat. We will see. Still keeping with the creepy hand tree theme...because I like hands.

This is no good. My mind wanders too much for me to stay concentrated on one story. I just wish there were a way to document and develop all of my ideas to their fullest while throwing all of my heart and soul into my senior film. If only I could jot them all down in something like a sketchbook...

Or a blog.


Sayonara, space fans! I'm hittin' the hay.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you broke but I am glad that you are back on your feet! We wish you here and are totally rooting for you! <3 <3 <3

    Also, I love your new characters; the cat boy is my fave.

  2. Score one for the cat army! Give that fine young man a bag of catnip and a monicle and he could be ambassador worthy!

    Glad to hear you're out of your rut.