Friday, October 16, 2009

I Feel You Joanna

It's about 3am now and I'm sitting on my bed watching behind the scenes features of Sweeney Todd. Man, I completely forgot how awesome this movie was!The last time I watched it was...this past Halloween?

Speaking of...

I still haven't thought of a costume yet. :/

Not that I haven't been thinking long and hard about it!

This is what I do when my roommate is in class. Ha ha ha! I always like to do make up tests for elaborate costumes...that and face painting is just too much fun to pass up when you're bored. I don't think I'm going to be either of these characters for All-Hallows-Eve, but it was a lot of fun just to see how the make up would turn out.

Have any suggestions for the next trial? I'm thinking maybe Jack-O-Lantern head. O m O;

Sometime between painting myself like a skeleton and watching Johnny Depp shank Alan Rickman...I managed to get this out for my 2D Production class. We have to animate a three shot sequence with a character picking up a fruit. Random? Maybe a little bit... Either way, I'm still having a ton of fun coming up with different ideas and characters.

Until next time, space fans...stay classy!

...I really need to sleep now.


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

    It's 2 AM here.
    I'm watching Transformers.
    And I'll still be up for two more hours.


    As for a costume suggestion-
    Harley Quinn.
    Or the Cheshire Cat.

  2. I LOVE the face paint! The patches are amazing. I love how bright and clear they are!

    I also love that you're still using my sleep=deprived parting. XD