Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lanette Woman Model Sheet

Lanette...Amelee...it's all the same at 1am in the morning.

Don't ask me where the lollipops and gigantic bows came from. I just want to go to the circus. Ha ha ha! Lanette is a lot of fun to draw. Possibly too much...I really need to get started on the boys now. Even if they're not as much fun. *coughcough*


  1. You do such lovely work! I am so excited to see how this whole project turns out!!!
    Also, Lanette is adorable. My favorite is the middle of the second pic, great expression. <3

  2. And by middle I mean where she is leaning on the lolli. :3

  3. The bows and the lolly pops add a really nice touch! Any chance that in addition to chasing her love through a clock, she sould somehow wind up in a lolly pop forest?