Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amelee Take Two

Project "Shoot My Brains Out" is in full swing. Finished slapping together a very sketchy animatic a few weeks ago, and now it's onto revamping all of my original character designs. I'm pretty happy with Amelee's new, simplified look. Next post, I'll make sure to put up her complete model sheet. Huzzah!

In the meantime...My Latest Obsession:

Words cannot describe how much I love Pushing Daisies! It's romantic and whimsical, with just a hint of's the world that I need to live in! I just finished the first season yesterday and have been fighting between working and watching this wonderful show ever since. If only I could be one of those people who can work and watch television at the same time. Unless it's a movie I've seen a million times already...the tv always ends up winning. I'm really craving some cherry pie. XD


  1. such a good show! You just reminded me that I need to obtain season 2 for me and Jen to watch.

    Also, I've been sneaking peeks at your really well done model sheets to help me improve mine! Thanks!

  2. Sweet!
    I expect great things to come of the "shoot your brains out," project.

    Just don't actually shoot your brains out.

  3. Wow! Look at those legs! Very different from what you were working on back in the spring, but I'm excited about the changes. Can't wait to see what you've been working on.

    I've heard pushing daisies is good, I'll have to check it out. Dead Like Me is my current television obsession.

  4. Tim! Thank you! If you want, I can always bring Season 2 of Pushing Daisies to Savannah with me in fall! XD

    Matt! I heard Dead Like Me is really good too! I'll definitely have to rent the season or something!