Friday, June 5, 2009


Nothing says "summer" like giant octopus hats!! I know, I know, there are only seven limbs...I'd like to think that one of them is just conveniently hidden somewhere, OR that it got cut off in the fashioning of the hat. Oh yeah.

This picture was so much fun to paint! I think I'm really starting to get a hang of this whole digital painting thing. Though the character was completely random, I really want to draw more of her!

My latest Facebook obsession! This game is so cute it's ridiculous! I love the whole idea of opening and customizing your own restaurant, staff, and menu. As you can see, my building still needs a looooot of work. Once I save up enough money, I want to turn it into the most adorable sweetery EVER!!

Sooo, here's the interior of my little dreamery. I just opened shop a few days ago and I've already got WAY too many customers than I can house! I really can't wait to level up so that I can hire another waiter...and finally get some decent floor tiling in there. Ha ha!

That's it for now. I'm finally back home from SCAD and am completely ready to lounge about and eat potato chips for the rest of the summer.


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  1. If a painting has an octopus it makes me smile. This is very well done, colors are excellent. Hope you do more digital painting in the summer! Go to CG Hub and post some of these on the forum. :D