Thursday, June 11, 2009


This guy's pitch book was one of the leading examples in my concept development class!

I loooove the final outcome! Seeing the final project really makes me want to get going on my own senior film!

Gotta stay strong and determined! XD


  1. Duuudddeee... that was cool. That had to be sooo meticulous though, lining up all those post-it notes perfectly. Omahgahhh.

  2. I think I saw his working crew during finals week. They were all swimming on the floor in piles of post-its! ha ha XD

  3. That is so totally awesome, it makes me wanna do something like that. XD

  4. ahhhh bruce is in my class!!!! yeahhh we were like: " fortunate..his projects not gonna take forevs like ours...and its a super concept too...." hahaha

    i didnt get to see it, tho!!! it came out great XD

  5. correction: bruce WAS in my concept class. oy >__>