Thursday, May 7, 2009

Impaled Pinata

Yeahhh...not too sure what I was thinking when I created this. If you can't tell already, it's a Congratulatory card for all of our Model Fiesta winners! The event was a huge success, by the way! There were so many people, that we could hardly seat everyone in the student center.

Unfortunately, I still haven't replaced my old camera, so I have no pictures to show you all. I'm planning on bothering the other officers soon enough though, so hopefully, I'll be able to show you some of the amazing outfits that the other models were wearing!

I just got back from Kinko's today with my brand new business cards! Man, I never knew this whole process could be such a hassle! I had to throw together this card in a rush because I'm going on a field trip tomorrow, but of course, it took a liiitle while longer because I'm so bloody anal about everything. Anyway, I run down to Kinko's print a few of these babies out, and what do I see?!!!!

Not sure if you all know this, but that is totally not my e-mail or website URL. Not to mention, the color was super dark. (Apparently, the printers there print a lot darker than need be, and you can't adjust it on site.) Soo, I had to run back home, fix the typo, fix the coloring (an educated guess at best), and sprint back to Kinko's before they closed.

This time around, I added the back design on. It didn't line up completely with the front design, and the color was still a little dark, but it'll do for now. Does anyone know how to make sure the color on your monitor matches the printer quality on paper?

OH YEAH! Did you know Kinko's gives discounts to SCAD students!? I just found out today! Apparently, they aren't allowed to tell you because the higher ups frown on that kind of stuff. Anyway, I totally made sure to get my discount today. **is proud of herself**

Oh well. That's it for now...Going on a field trip tomorrow! Super excited! Will talk about it later.




  1. Dude, I really love the front side of the business card especially, that's so much cooler than 90% of the stuff I see coming out of a lot of senior portfolio classes, well done!

    As far as making sure things print the way way they look on the monitor, it's nearly impossible. Because moniors are in the additive RGB color space, and printers use the subtractive CMYK color space, the only way to somewhat accurately get a representation of what a printed version of something will look like is to actually convert it to CMYK color space in Photoshop or Illustrator, and just assume it's going to be a little darker than what you're seeing on the screen.

    Getting stuff to line-up perfectly front to back is always a huge pain in the ass. Even when you have stuff printed professionally sometimes it doesn't work out. I would highly recommend this place though they have a pretty fast turn-around time, they do a great job, every time I've done business with them I've been 100% satisfied. This is where I got my business cards done for my portfolio class. They even do free 'glossy spot printing' which, basically is like where how you can have part of the card be flat matte, and parts of it glossy. They're great.

    Oh, and SCAD students also get MASSIVE discounts at office max, btw. Like.. all my printing for my portfolio stuff came out to be like.. $80, but I walked out only paying like $23. I think it's upwards of like 60% off or something crazy.


  2. That drawing up top cracks me up. Its wonderfully sadistic and I have to say that you must have been on the lunch food while drawing it. Yes that defiantly must be it. ;-)
    And I cannot say how much I love love love your business cards! They are wonderful. Simple, elegant, and so very you. <3

    Have a wonderful field trip. I can't wait to see you at the end of May.