Thursday, April 9, 2009


Though my classes have been easier this quarter, somehow I'm still super busy! I just finished putting together my demo reel for Laika today. It's my first demo reel ever, so going through the entire process was really enlightening. I'll make sure to upload the reel on youtube once I edit out some of the more personal information. Ha ha!

Oh, and another thing. I have about two dollars to my name right now. The life of an art student is so glamorous right? And what do you do when you don't have two nickles to rub together?

I've had my eye on some of these clothes for quite some time now. Well, mostly the heart shaped glasses and the bronze colored heels. All the other items I just threw onto the list last minute because I thought they were cute. Of course most of these items are waaaay out of my price range, but dammit! They are so adorable! Especially the blue and yellow polk a dot dress and red parasouel...and the tights...and the pocket watch...and the robot necklace...

If only I were a rich na na na na na na....

Yeah. I went there.

Here's the musical for all you purists.

Do you wishlist? Have you ever bought anything off of it, or is it better that wishlists just remain wishes?


  1. Good luck with Laika!
    Although, I know they'll be impressed.

  2. Good job on posting the original. I sing fiddler all the time. xD

    that robot necklace is love!
    I don't really make 'wishlists' per say... I just make lists of things i WILL buy EVENTUALLY. xD or, if i can't buy it, i try to make it and/or replicate it. :3
    Dude, when the going gets rough, thrift stores are a girls best friend. xD

  3. OMG You have to let me know how things go with Laika. You two were meant to be together.