Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sketch Club Presents

I like the rain. Strike that, I love the rain...but only when I'm inside the house with a hot mug of tea and watching Hayao Miyazaki films. Not so much when I have to run all over town printing out posters for Sketch Club. I have a cheap umbrella, so the rain soaks through. I really should buy a nicer one.

Anyone in the Savannah area should come to this even! Basically, Model Fiesta is your typical life drawing session, only more fun! We'll have ten models wearing extravagant costumes for you to sketch in ten to fifteen minute poses. Once the sketching is complete, students either have the choice to head for the hills with their amazing drawings, or turn those suckers in at the end of the day to be judged! There will be a ton of different categories from you to choose from, such as Splash Page, Fashion, Cartooning/Caricature, and Fine Rendering!

Best of all, each winner will receive a CASH PRIZE!!!!!!

How cool is that? I mean, really! Who does not love cash!? If you're in the area and need some extra pocket change, I definitely recommend heading over to the Savannah Student Center on April 18th and checking this shiz out!

Oh yeah. The poster was my design by the by. Here's the original version before I had to jam it onto an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.

Tonight's rainy day movie is Howl's Moving Castle!

Is it raining where all of you are? What do you like to do when it rains?


  1. I knew that was your drawing, even before you said it, its so your style.
    And I almost bought an umbrella like that once. I will eventually if not just for a prop. <3
    And I really wish I could participate and come take photos.

    And no, its a nice sunny spring day. Very pretty outside.
    But when it rains I go run around and dance in it. <3

  2. Howls <3
    I love love love love that movie *sigh*<3
    Love your sketch yuki, and I'm glad your art will be up for everyone to see!

    And no, it's not raining here. It's sunny, but very windy. Hard to bike in, but I can't possibly complain. <3
    I'm always glad to see your updates! Look forward to a huge update from me later. XD