Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sequential Artworks

While I was slapping together my portfolio, I found a couple of pieces from Drawing for Sequential!

This was our first project. We had to draw a library of some sort and add four figures within the piece, one of which, had to be an adult over 40. (Our professor insisted that the adult not be balding or have a potbelly...mostly because he was over 40 himself. Ha!) Anyway, I decided to do a fantastical children's library! It was a lot of fun drawing all of the mushrooms! My professor didn't appreciate them too much, but he let it slide that time as long as I promised the next to projects would be more "realistic". Heh.

So, here's my more realistic work. It was supposed to be set in a New York sculpture garden I think. I was watching First Wives Club while creating this, ha ha. Look at that scandalous behavior!

The final project! I think I enjoyed this one the most. The entire class got to go down to river street and sketch one of the buildings we saw there. Of course I chose the candy kitchen. While we were there, all of these tourists kept walking by and staring at all of the SCAD students. It was pretty hilarious. So, I thought "Hey, there's my subject right there!"


Still trying to tie down ideas for my senior film. As of right now, I'm thinking about something involving cuckoo clocks and cut-out paper animation. Anyone have any inspirational videos they want to link me to?


  1. yuki...

    this work is...amazing.
    I'm blown away. completely.
    That first one is just like a dream... and the characters you create are so believable.
    Fabulous. i must say.
    Yuki...if you ever have the time, (haha, you?have free time?) you should really ink and color the first one. I would love nothing more than to print it and frame it. i'm serious. I'm in love. <3

  2. holy crap, is that Noel Fielding? LOL!

  3. Oh my goodness. Yuki, just when I think that you cannot awe me anymore, you go and do things like this. You have improved and grown beyond words.
    Just wow.
    And I can't help but agree with Nano. I would love love love a colored print of the first image up on my wall. I love the fairytale like library; I think there should be real ones like that. <3

  4. you better go into concept art, i swear... if you don't i will hunt you down. :P

  5. Nano and Yami, if you find me a time turner, I'll ink and color all the pages you want! Ha ha!

  6. That was you!?
    I saw the library piece while it was posted in the Norris Hallways and was in awe.

  7. You never cease to take my breath away, you're amazing Chrystin.

    As far as inspiration:

    and finally, one of my newest favorite artists, as some inspiration for more blocky cut-out style art direction:

  8. These are awesome! Thanks so much for the links!