Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lolli Lolli Lolli Pop

If I ruled the world...it would sound something like this.

I was just introduced to Detektivbyran a few days ago and I am already head over heels in love. Their music reminds me of tiny music boxes and circuses and cabarets and all of that good stuff I've been trying to jam into my senior film. They are definetly a refreshing source of inspiration right now!

Oh, and I just discovered this video randomly today while I was procrastinating writing an essay. At first, I was all "What's up with all the Whoville girls? LAME." But then, a gorgeous member of Big Bang appeared, dressed like a highlighter with glasses.

Needless to say I was done. I sat there like a fool, completely glued to the screen and bitterly wishing that more guys at my school dressed like this. The world would be a better place for it, I'm sure.

Look at how adorable they are! Their music sounds like your typical K-pop boyband, but I love them anyway! It think it's funny that they try to be so hardcore with those pinchable pretty-boy faces. Ha ha ha!

By the by, Mari...one of the members stole your sweatshirt. LOL.

This has nothing to do with anything, really. I just thought it was funny. What the hell, Japan?!


  1. lol. I sat there like a fool too, watching all the pretty colors and thinking how much fun I would have shooting I group of people who dressed like that. Oooooooo the possibilities.
    [PS. Thanks for the videos to help me procrastinate. <3]

  2. omg detektivbyran is amazing! i totally have to look them up now! thank you!!! *inspiration*

    ahaha, I've seen the lollipop video before, it is rather cute. I like the voice of the guy in the orange pants. x3
    Yeah, their attempts at being street are kind of laughable because they're so cute! it's like watching little kids trying to be tough teehee.

    And you totally make me miss japan with that commercial. they had the best commercials ever!