Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3am at Monty

For the past few weeks I've been working on my friend's senior film, The Poacher. The director is a film student at SCAD who needed a Hannah-Barbera inspired animation for one of his scenes. This was my first time collaborating with others on a senior project, so I was super excited. Originally, I had three weeks to animate the short, but due to some technical difficulties, I had to animate the entire thing in a few days.

Needless to say, I haven't slept much recently. (It's 3:02 am, right now, by the by.)

BUT!! I managed to get it done on time! Doing limited animation was a real challenge for me, but it was an interesting experience in the end. I don't want to upload the animation just yet without the director's permission, so in the meantime, here are some screen shots.

It was really fun coming up with these three characters. I took a lot of reference from the Yogi Bear cartoons. Especially, when it came down to keeping the shapes and backgrounds consistent.

I had to animate two pieces of dialogue for this guy. He was asking if anyone knew of the "Bravest Bear". I have no idea who the Bravest Bear is, but he sounds pretty bad ass.

This little guy thinks bears are stupid. He doesn't even like talking to them. Or listening to their silly questions.

Ok, so that's it for now. I'm super tired and it's about time I catch a bus home and get a few hours of sleep before class.


A random video just for funsies. This man is my hero.


  1. Great characters! These guys > most of Hanna Barbera. Well, except for Hong Kong Phooey, no one tops that shiz. :)

    The background is really something; I love how impressionistic it is.

    As for Dead or Alive, I firmly believe that guy needs an eyepatch at all times. XD

  2. That looks fantastic. I can't wait to see the animation if you are gonna share. :-)
    And I love your characters, they are wonderful.
    And that background, wow!
    Get some rest, you deserve it! <3

  3. Thanks so much you two!

    Tim, I haven't seen Hong Kon Phooey in ages, but I still remember the theme song..."Number one super guy..."! Ha!

    Steph, I passed out until noon today, so I am welll rested!