Thursday, April 30, 2009

Demo Reel 2008-09

My Demo Reel for 2008-09! It includes animations from Character Animation I, Character Animation II and Flash Class.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Bravest Bear

Spoke with my director and all systems are go!

So, without further ado...

I completed this entire film in about three days. Wow, looking back I had no idea that it wa sixteen seconds long! This is the longest dialogue piece I've ever had to animate, so it's interesting to see what I could accomplish in such a limited time frame. This was definitely an experience. A little outside my comfort zone, but I'm glad I was able to do it.

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3am at Monty

For the past few weeks I've been working on my friend's senior film, The Poacher. The director is a film student at SCAD who needed a Hannah-Barbera inspired animation for one of his scenes. This was my first time collaborating with others on a senior project, so I was super excited. Originally, I had three weeks to animate the short, but due to some technical difficulties, I had to animate the entire thing in a few days.

Needless to say, I haven't slept much recently. (It's 3:02 am, right now, by the by.)

BUT!! I managed to get it done on time! Doing limited animation was a real challenge for me, but it was an interesting experience in the end. I don't want to upload the animation just yet without the director's permission, so in the meantime, here are some screen shots.

It was really fun coming up with these three characters. I took a lot of reference from the Yogi Bear cartoons. Especially, when it came down to keeping the shapes and backgrounds consistent.

I had to animate two pieces of dialogue for this guy. He was asking if anyone knew of the "Bravest Bear". I have no idea who the Bravest Bear is, but he sounds pretty bad ass.

This little guy thinks bears are stupid. He doesn't even like talking to them. Or listening to their silly questions.

Ok, so that's it for now. I'm super tired and it's about time I catch a bus home and get a few hours of sleep before class.


A random video just for funsies. This man is my hero.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lolli Lolli Lolli Pop

If I ruled the would sound something like this.

I was just introduced to Detektivbyran a few days ago and I am already head over heels in love. Their music reminds me of tiny music boxes and circuses and cabarets and all of that good stuff I've been trying to jam into my senior film. They are definetly a refreshing source of inspiration right now!

Oh, and I just discovered this video randomly today while I was procrastinating writing an essay. At first, I was all "What's up with all the Whoville girls? LAME." But then, a gorgeous member of Big Bang appeared, dressed like a highlighter with glasses.

Needless to say I was done. I sat there like a fool, completely glued to the screen and bitterly wishing that more guys at my school dressed like this. The world would be a better place for it, I'm sure.

Look at how adorable they are! Their music sounds like your typical K-pop boyband, but I love them anyway! It think it's funny that they try to be so hardcore with those pinchable pretty-boy faces. Ha ha ha!

By the by, of the members stole your sweatshirt. LOL.

This has nothing to do with anything, really. I just thought it was funny. What the hell, Japan?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sequential Artworks

While I was slapping together my portfolio, I found a couple of pieces from Drawing for Sequential!

This was our first project. We had to draw a library of some sort and add four figures within the piece, one of which, had to be an adult over 40. (Our professor insisted that the adult not be balding or have a potbelly...mostly because he was over 40 himself. Ha!) Anyway, I decided to do a fantastical children's library! It was a lot of fun drawing all of the mushrooms! My professor didn't appreciate them too much, but he let it slide that time as long as I promised the next to projects would be more "realistic". Heh.

So, here's my more realistic work. It was supposed to be set in a New York sculpture garden I think. I was watching First Wives Club while creating this, ha ha. Look at that scandalous behavior!

The final project! I think I enjoyed this one the most. The entire class got to go down to river street and sketch one of the buildings we saw there. Of course I chose the candy kitchen. While we were there, all of these tourists kept walking by and staring at all of the SCAD students. It was pretty hilarious. So, I thought "Hey, there's my subject right there!"


Still trying to tie down ideas for my senior film. As of right now, I'm thinking about something involving cuckoo clocks and cut-out paper animation. Anyone have any inspirational videos they want to link me to?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Weeks

Small tiny rings with itsy bitsy cupcake strings,
I'll bake you cookies at sunrise,
And wash it down with milk in the afternoon.
We'll build paper kites out of bad news papers,
And fly away on an uncontrollable wind,
The color of New Years.
You'll listen to me hum songs like the rain,
And I'll watch your laughter knock you back,
Into Yesteryear,
Where you still count all your candies,
On Halloween,
And only trade me the caramels,
Because they stick to your teeth.


She is wearing her Tuesday's best. He is wearing his Friday's worst. She invites him to sit at her wooden table and in her wooden chair. He would rather lounge in her creaking rocker upon the sunny porch. She offers him a cup of coffee, drenched in too much sugar. He politely accepts and swigs the sickening concoction in one gulp. He smiles and she smiles. Both are stretched far beyond what is necessary during these kinds of things.

Then the forced expressions settle into a serious frown. It is time to talk of business.

He speaks rather loudly and waves his hands about like a pinwheel. He does not approve of her price. She keeps her frail hands folded neatly under a round chin. She is a professional. He stares at her with hardened eyes and she looks calmly back. He is out of breath, but his jaw still wags up and down in the air, nipping at words that will not come.

Now both are silent.

He buries his head in his hands and relents. She smiles understandingly and crosses to him. He looks into calm eyes as she caresses his cheek. She lets her palm glide smoothly down his neck. She lets her fingers wrap tightly round his throat and her nails dig in his skin. He does not scream as she lifts his face away. He does not cry when she folds it into her dresser drawer. He only watches with those hardened eyes of his.

She wraps his head in a tattered cloth and sends him home with potpourri. She whispers to place the token under his mattress. He gets out of the wooden chair and stumbles away from the wooden table. He passes the sunny porch and creaking rocking chair. He is headed home.

She turns away from him and opens her wooden drawer. She gazes upon the folded faces placed neatly in a row. She picks a darker face and holds it in the light. It sags between her long long fingers. It is riddled with scars and pocks. She frowns deeply and takes it to her chair. It lays patiently in her lap as she gathers her needles and thread. It does not cry out as she begins to work. It does not worry about it's fate. She is a professional. She will return it tomorrow.

Until then, it will wait and she will sew while the rocking chair rocks back forth, back forth, on a Wednesday afternoon.


Procrastination is key,
I would finish this,
If I hadn't so many other things to do,
I'm quite busy you know,
Candy Girls is on,
ANTM is next,
I like background noise while I work,
And to keep my hands busy with food.
Before I know it,
It's past one o'clock,
And I haven't accomplished anything,
Why is life so complicated?
I wish I could just paint a rainbow,
Of satellite dishes and cable tv,
That way there'd always be something on.


Wow. I've been really slacking on my writing posts! Here's three weeks of stuff I should've posted earlier. I have some longer fairytales in the works, but with all of these portfolio submission deadlines, I can't really find the time to sit down and finish them.

Thus the procrastination poem was born.

Speaking of, I should really be getting back to work. Or bed. I'll be sure to post some more artwork later on this week just to prove I've actually been somewhat efficient.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Though my classes have been easier this quarter, somehow I'm still super busy! I just finished putting together my demo reel for Laika today. It's my first demo reel ever, so going through the entire process was really enlightening. I'll make sure to upload the reel on youtube once I edit out some of the more personal information. Ha ha!

Oh, and another thing. I have about two dollars to my name right now. The life of an art student is so glamorous right? And what do you do when you don't have two nickles to rub together?

I've had my eye on some of these clothes for quite some time now. Well, mostly the heart shaped glasses and the bronze colored heels. All the other items I just threw onto the list last minute because I thought they were cute. Of course most of these items are waaaay out of my price range, but dammit! They are so adorable! Especially the blue and yellow polk a dot dress and red parasouel...and the tights...and the pocket watch...and the robot necklace...

If only I were a rich na na na na na na....

Yeah. I went there.

Here's the musical for all you purists.

Do you wishlist? Have you ever bought anything off of it, or is it better that wishlists just remain wishes?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Boob Tube

Oh man, guys! I was just clearing out some of my files on my hard drive, and I found this!

It's my final from two years ago in Motion Studies! We had to do a cut out animation that had a "3, 2, 1...accident!" theme. Mind you, this was back before they allowed students to take Animation I before Motion Studies. (That way students will actually know SOME principles of animation! ha ha!)

Anyway, it's good times. I had a lot of fun making it. It's a little pixelated, but I don't know what's up with that. Does anyone know how to keep the quality of your videos on youtube??

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello Kelly

Acting for Animator's is a really fun class! It really makes me miss all of my theater possie from high school. On the first day of class, everyone got crazy nicknames to go by! Apparently, I'm "Neon" because of my highlighter sneakers. Ha ha!

Everyone in class had to create their very own character to animate their monologue to. This is my character, Kelly! She likes strawberries and...other stuff. In her monologue, she's sitting at a cafe waiting for her blind date. Only thing is, she thinks he's "Mr. Right" all because her horoscope said "Romance Figures Prominently". (What the crap?! I've never received a fortune like that! DX)

Here's the full model sheet. We also got to work with voice actors from the Drama department. The actor I was partnered with was so adorable! She was really shy because it was her first time in the studio, but she did such a fantastic job! I cannot wait to start animating! It's been three weeks now, and I feel like I'm starting to get rusty! Gah!

Also, I hate computers. For some reason, I always seem to find the glitch that no one else can fix. Right now, I can't work on finishing my 2D Char II final for my portfolio because Toon Boom won't allow me to capture new frames. I tried transferring my files to another program called Flipbook, but that program won't save properly. So now, my only option is to recapture the entire animation in Toon Boom and pray to God it doesn't crash again. (Though it already has repeated this problem three times in the past month.)

I don't like those odds.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sketch Club Presents

I like the rain. Strike that, I love the rain...but only when I'm inside the house with a hot mug of tea and watching Hayao Miyazaki films. Not so much when I have to run all over town printing out posters for Sketch Club. I have a cheap umbrella, so the rain soaks through. I really should buy a nicer one.

Anyone in the Savannah area should come to this even! Basically, Model Fiesta is your typical life drawing session, only more fun! We'll have ten models wearing extravagant costumes for you to sketch in ten to fifteen minute poses. Once the sketching is complete, students either have the choice to head for the hills with their amazing drawings, or turn those suckers in at the end of the day to be judged! There will be a ton of different categories from you to choose from, such as Splash Page, Fashion, Cartooning/Caricature, and Fine Rendering!

Best of all, each winner will receive a CASH PRIZE!!!!!!

How cool is that? I mean, really! Who does not love cash!? If you're in the area and need some extra pocket change, I definitely recommend heading over to the Savannah Student Center on April 18th and checking this shiz out!

Oh yeah. The poster was my design by the by. Here's the original version before I had to jam it onto an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.

Tonight's rainy day movie is Howl's Moving Castle!

Is it raining where all of you are? What do you like to do when it rains?