Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miss Josephine

The final two! I'm so glad you all liked the "soda pop" header! I really like it too, but then I was looking at some Juicy Couture ads, and I wanted to try to make a circus-ey kind of theme. I really like them both, it's too bad you can't have two titles.

I'm also finding myself getting really into 1920's cabaret kind of stuff. I love rusty color schemes and thigh highs! I've also rediscovered my love for Josephine Baker and her amazing banana dance! Did you know I had to dress up as her for an elementary school project? My mother had to make the banana skirt and everything! (I wore a nude-colored leotard so I was covered up. xP) Man, I wish I had a picture to show. Oh well.

Oh yeah. I have no idea who this girl is, but I like her rendition of Josephine's dance. She's very pale, but spunky? Ha ha!


  1. I like the top banner! Even though it 'does' actually, potentially look like a porno website header. (heh, header).

    Go with the top one! Dooooo ittt!

  2. I think I am still more partial to the soda pop one myself,
    but the new one is cute too.