Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fresh Start

Apparently, there was some strange glitch going on with my previous blog. Although my settings allowed comments, no one could get through. So, instead of trying to fiddle with it, I just decided to scrap the entire thing and try again with a "completely" new blog.

Don't worry, Lady Garland's is still basically the same place. I will still be completing Fairytale 100 and there will still be sketches posted as often as I can. The only real overhaul is, obviously, the layout. If you ask me, I think the old one was responsible for my technological problems anyway. Leave it to me to discover the problems that no one can fix. Ha ha!

Anyway, it's a new blog, a new term, and a new me. Here's a crappy little number to kick this thing off.


  1. well well would you look at that...I can comment now lawlz

  2. Haha. So you did end up making a new one.
    Sorry to hear.
    But at least we will be able to tell you that we love you on this one. <3

  3. Ha ha ha ha!
    This is perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.